Othello A.K.A Reversi Board

Othello A.K.A Reversi Board APK

About Othello

Best Board Game for Family Fun Time

Here is our new and popular board game Othello, also known as Reversi "beads reverse game" . This board game is one of the most favourite mind board games for 2 players. Well, player can play anytime anywhere , no wifi required.

Othello! is a strategy board game for two players strategy games that takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master! Its game of skills that improve your mind logical skills. The game traditionally begins with four discs placed in the middle of the board. Black moved first. Total of 64 discs are used, one side being completely white in colour, the other side being completely black.

Othello is a multiplayer simple pretty classic board game.

Key features of reversi boardgame :-

✔ Simple and classic UI

✔ Design for Android phones and tablets

✔Authentic gameplay, play with bot with easy to expert mode

Enjoy free off line games where you can play with bot or 2 player multiplayer mode of your favourite strategy board game Othello! Its classic board games of 2 players. You can play as single player or play with bot. Keep enjoy popular reverse game

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