Paint Dropper

Paint Dropper APK

About Paint Dropper

Swap the paint colors

This is the best puzzle game you will ever play!

This painting puzzle game is so fun. At the same time, you can relax and feel comfortable while playing this.

All the arts are always wrong, so please tap and pick colors up to make a correct art.

We encourage you, and will be happy if you listen and enjoy our sound effects through your headsets or earphones. You'd be able to listen to several sound effects, they are all comfortable sounds.


Intuitive controls

Colorful 3D graphics

Brainly addictive mechanics

Vibrates during action (depending on the device and/or settings)

Multiple beautiful sound effects

Relax and feel comfortable

Kids, moms, dads, men and women of all ages, please enjoy this entertainment!

Let's get to reach a 999 level!

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