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About Palavras Cruzadas em Português

Exercise your brain, learn new words and have fun! Free and offline!

He likes to train their reasoning and their knowledge of the Portuguese language and several subjects? Then this is the perfect game for you.

The Crossword is a traditional pastime, very common in newspapers and magazines and, therefore, a great success also on the internet.

Here, the goal is to find all the words using the available tips. As some words are fulfilled, the game automatically fills in some letters of other words, facilitating the resolution of each challenge.

The difficulty crossword vary according to the shape and number of words. The fewer the words cross the greater the chance the game is more difficult.

This hobby consists of several lines formed by squares, some other vertically and horizontally crossing each other. Each line should be filled by a word and every word must be discovered through tips that accompany the cross. When you fill out one of the lines, automatically fills in some squares of the other lines that cross it, making it easier to resolution.

The practice or cultivation crossword by the laity is called "cruzadismo" and its practitioners are called "cruzadistas". So come, Crusader! The best game of recent times is waiting.


WARNING: The opinions expressed in crossword puzzles included in this application represent only the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Redstone Games (REDSTONE GAMES LTDA - ME) or any member of the company.

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