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About Paper Bride 2 Zangling Village

Chinese Horror Puzzle Game

Dear Paper fans, the mobile version of Paper Bride2 Zangling village is coming soon! Today we finally confirmed that - on May 20th.

There are a lot of exciting events, please pay attention to our game community (For community info, please view the game introduction).


Midsummer bride in a gown of paper;

Torn from her groom and lost forever.

Hello, everyone! Our team is excited to announce our third mystery horror game, "Paper Bride 2 Zangling Village"!

You guessed it! This is the sequel to our Paper Bride series based on Chinese folklore.

This story takes place in Zangling Village, where players must explore a village shrouded in occult mystery to uncover the secret origins of this haunted village.

Compared with the previous "Paper Bride", we have added the following new features:

☠ Improved Graphics - Picturesque scenery with more dynamic expression.

☠ Enriched Story - More story clues and dialogue. Now the protagonist is illustrated with dialog audio for an even more engaging performance.

☠ Added Suspense - Think carefully to overcome your fear and avoid the living dead. This story is not for the feint of heart!

☠ In-depth Clues - Added more detailed clues, making the puzzle game more accessible to new players.

We hope to shock players with an all new heart-pounded horror adventure!

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