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About PaperCut

PaperCut Pocket makes printing easy and secure in your organization.

This app works with PaperCut Pocket and lets users authenticate at any printer in their organization to securely collect printed documents.

BUT WAIT! This app does not work by itself. Make sure you have an invitation from your organization.

You can quickly release your document by simply tapping your phone on an NFC sticker on the printer, scanning a QR code or selecting the printer from a list.

Did you forget to duplex the document? No problem, the PaperCut Pocket app will remind you and lets you make those changes on your way to the printer.

Do you find printing from your mobile phone a hassle? PaperCut Pocket makes it easy to print from all your devices including desktops, laptops, Chromebooks and of course your phone.

Here’s how it works:

- You’ll receive an invitation from your organization

- It will instruct you to install this app as well as apps on your computers and other devices

- You’ll now have a new printer called ‘PaperCut Printer’ on these devices where you can print to

- You’ll use this app on your phone to securely collect your printed documents at any printer in your organization

- Simply walk up to the printer and tap the NFC stickers or scan a QR code


- Have you ever printed your payslip and had to run to the printer to collect it before anyone else does? Fixed!

- Have you walked to the printer to realize the document went to another printer? Fixed!

- Do you forget to select duplex at the time of printing, but then feel guilty as you watch too many pages roll out? Fixed!

- Confused by different print dialogues on different devices? Fixed!

- Need to set up printing on a new device and wish it could be as easy as installing a new app? Fixed!

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PaperCut Pocket is globally proven to reduce print waste and stress around printing (well… at least it does in our office and we hope it does in yours too!)

Note: This app requires that your organization has an active and configured PaperCut Pocket account. You should receive an invitation or instruction from your organization.

If you are an admin looking to try out PaperCut Pocket, sign up here:

Your confidentiality is our priority.

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