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About Party Tambola Daily Live Games

Join daily live Tambola/Housie games or host your own private Tambola games

Join our free-to-play live game every Sunday at 1:30 PM.

Dive into the exciting world of Tambola/Housie every day! Play live games, host your own vibrant sessions, and connect with friends from all corners of the globe. Get ready for a daily dose of fun, laughter, and thrilling moments. Jump in and let the games begin!

Experience the thrill of live Tambola/Housie games right from your phone with Party Tambola!

Our free app revolutionizes the way you play and organize Tambola/Housie games, delivering an effortless, paperless, and incredibly engaging experience. Built with the professional Tambola organizers in mind, we have integrated robust features that allow you to manage every aspect of the game with a few taps.

Organizer Features:

    This game is designed for professional Tambola/Hosie organizers:

  • Launch your Tambola game with ease.
  • Create your own rules for requesting tickets.
  • Create your own rules for rewards like fixed amount or percent of pool amount or gifts etc
  • Promote your brand or any product or service by adding your logo and banner in the game.
  • Complete control over each aspect of the game.
  • Manage your players with a unique game code for each new game.
  • Share the game code seamlessly with participants using WhatsApp, Social Media etc.
  • Keep control over ticket distribution with our confirmation feature.
  • Initiate the game and notify all players instantly with a single button press.
  • Roll out the next number at your pace, no rush.
  • Validate or dismiss reward claims by players in real-time, ensuring a fair and honest game.

Player Features:

    This game is designed to give a fun, engaging and fair experience to players:

  • Participate in any game you wish by entering the shared unique game code.
  • Never miss a call with audible announcements for each new number.
  • Effortlessly mark off the numbers on your digital tickets.
  • Claim your rewards promptly as soon as you hit the required numbers.
  • Await organizer confirmation on your claimed rewards.
  • The game ensures fairness by pausing until all claimed rewards are addressed by the organizer.

Step into a fun-filled Tambola/Housie party with Party Tambola, where we've digitized your favorite game for an unmatched experience! Join us for a memorable game today.

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