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About Password Save App Unique Data

Password Saver app is such a nice app and complete App to save any password.

Have you Every Listen about the password saver or password storage application so you are at the right place to get save your Personal password storage application in free. Free Password saver is a free app for everyone and gets an advantage through this offline password manager app.

Offline Password Saver app is easy and Get it and Save you all Kind of passwords in your Personal Phone. It Depends Upon you how To use password security app with custom icons and your own Personal categories

In the Offline Password Saver app, your All data is saved and protected in your smartphone. Pin Protection is Used and nobody can get your data. Keep calm and use your Offline Password Saver app.

HOW TO USE Offline Password Saver:

* Open the Offline Password Saver app and it will show you the loading screen.

* After that you need to set the password and just 4 digit number password is allowed after that conform your password then done.

* if you need to see your password then click on the visible button to view your password.

* Password screen is available on your phone screen to Enter again your set password to use the Offline Password Saver app.

* There are song predefined categories like Wi-Fi password, E-mail password, Websites password, Computer password, Pin Codes password, Social media Accounts password, other passwords, etc.

* If you want to add new Catagories so at the bottom of the screen there is the plus(+) button to add your own custom categories and save your desired password.

* Inside the password Catagories you need to click plus(+) button to add your password to the password storage app.

* Inside the Catagories you need to add 1 or more than 1 passwords and save many more passwords according to your needs.

* if you want to delete any password so long press and then a pop-up appears on the screen and then choose your selection YES or NO

* Same is the case for your Offline Password Saver app Catagories deletion.

* For changing the password you have to move at the top right corner to click the Lock icon and then you have to write your old password and newly changed password.


Free Offline Password Manager is very easy to use.

Save your every password of any social media account password.

Password Saver Provide you to save any Wi-Fi password.

Offline Password Saver gives you an opportunity to save your web sites password and computer passwords.

Best app for your Personal password save.

Free Offline Password Manager is not a bad title for Offline Password Saver apps.

Enjoy the Offline Password Saver app and must give us your personal feedback of our app and for more you also contact us on ([email protected]) for your feedback.

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