Peapole Stick Playgrounds 2

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About Peapole Stick Playgrounds 2

Crush Playground - People Playground, Ragdoll Playground Sandbox Games

Crush ragdoll Playground is a simulation and physical ragdoll sandbox & people playground game with multiple weapons to choose with them.

Engage in an addictive, physics-based sandbox where stick people are at your mercy. Smash, crash, and demolish, Shoot, burn, poison, tear, vaporize, or crush ragdolls your way through a variety of interactive playgrounds.


? Enhanced variety of tools and weapons, such as sandbox destruction tools, to ignite your imagination

? Limitless opportunities for creative and experimental gameplay, from explosive trials to whimsical simulations.

? Many Characters, Vehicles, Traps, Levels with special interactions

? Pixelated art style

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