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About Photo Widget

photo widget on home screen for android phone personalized your screen

Photo Widget help you to add your favorite photo using widgetsmith tool on your home screen like iOS 15 style. Photowidget help you to personalize your homescreen with your friends and family photos.

Widget Custom Homescreen

Widget smith is free app to use also provide you a very special functionality to decorate your home screen in easiest way. Photo widgets provide you home screen customization option and also provide you many photo shapes in widgetsmith.

How to add photos on home screen?

Step 1: Open photo widget simple application

Step 2: Click on Plus "+" sign then click on add button

Step3: Go to mobile home screen and click on 'tap to configure' icon

Step 4: Click 'Photos' and select your favorite phots from your gallery

Step 5: Click on save button

What photo widget on home screen android app provides you?

Custom Widgets Options:

Photo Shapes: Rectangle, Circle, Hexagon, Grid, Circle grid, Stack and Circle stack

Custom Arrangements: Custom photos arrangements allows you to specify number of photos per page for grid view.

- If you enable custom arrangement then you can create custom rows and column to show your photos phone home screen.

Flip photo Manually: Tap down side of free widget to show previous photo and tap up side to show next photo or on tap middle of widget to open widget setting.

Note: Flip photo effect will enable only when you select Stack Rectangle or Stack Circle.

Photo Loading Progress: A circular progress will appear before a photo is loading.

Home Screen Widget Edit Option

Widget Title: User can set title of your widget on home screen

Cropping: User can crop widgets

Rotation: User can rotate photo widget on home screen android at 90,180 and 270 degree

Opacity: User can easily increase or decrease picture widget opacity

Borders: In User can change border corner and width of photo in photo widget aesthetic icons android

Intervals: User can set time on photowidget to change the photo after every 2, 5, 10,15 and 30 seconds

Custom Widgets For Android Free

Photo Widget allow you to displays your favorite photo on your mobile home screen same like iOS 15 style. Try easiest way to decorate and personalized your home screen using stylish photo widget app.

Customize Your Home Screen With Favorite Photo Widget Apps free

If you are Seriously looking for a simple photo widget tool to decorate your home screen with your favorite photos as Free widget, then you are on the right store! we provide you the same features such as locket widget and free widget smith in this widgetsmith app, so enjoy the best widgets apps in Google Play.

If you find the Photo widget simple app useful, please give your feedback or for any suggestion or question regard this widgetsmith app, contact us through our email. we will be happy to add new feature to our widget custom homescreen app.

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