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PIANISTA - The Ultimate Music Game Experience

PIANISTA – Invitation To Classical Music

Play now the ultimate music game experience with PIANISTA!

[Classical Music]

PIANISTA is the worldwide phenomenal mobile game, wide open to all ages and all levels of game-players.

Now let's play the masterpiece songs of legendary composers on mobile!

[Worldwide League]

Now you can play and compete against other Pianists (game-players) worldwide at the League mode.

Songs, composers, and rankings are refreshed every day.

Your game-play will get more intense as the competition gets fiercer.

[Inspirational Tour – Music Pack]

Discover new music packs released regularly!

You can take an inspirational journey with PIANISTA’s hand-curated music packs, ranging from ‘The Spring of Sound’ to ‘Compilation of Ensemble.’

Clear every stage of the music packs to become a virtuoso.

[Legendary Composers – Collection]

From Beethoven to Rossini, the list of legendary composers is just endless!

Play your favorite composer’s songs to earn a score bonus and more golds.

[Artistic Piano]

Showcase your artistic tastes with a beautifully designed piano skin, inspired by the notable paintings.

You can upgrade your piano to earn an extra bonus or choose the piano with special features.

[Practice Makes Perfect]

You can get free music points by watching video ads or simply purchase the Prestige Membership to have unlimited access to all contents.

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