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PicPat Photos Widget & Share APK

About PicPat

Share photos to your friends' home screen locket live widget , make a surprise

PicPat is an app that allows you to share photos to your friend's home screen widget. When you take a photo, it instantly shows up on your friend's home locket screen widget.

Use widgets to connect your lovers, family members, and friends to share your life in real time. No annoying notifications, no interruptions, just the people you care about the most.


Just take a photo, click send, and your photo will appear on your friend's home screen in real time. Similarly, your home screen can also show the photos your friend just took in real time. Send cute moments to each other throughout the day.


If you think the photos your friends send are great, you can Like the photo to show you like it. You can also talk about the photo with friends in the comment area.


The photos you and your friends transfer are updated in real-time in the history, so you can view what your friends have shared and save them to the local album at any time.


You can add as many locket live widgets as you like to your home screen, in any size and in any number. All the added locket live widgets will be refreshed with the photos shared by your friends.

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