PKCL Twins avatar dress up

PKCL Twins avatar dress up APK

About PKCL Twins

Dress, Cherish & Express

Live with your Twins in this chill dress up app!

Dress up your life with PKCL Twins!

.*・゚.:*・゜✦.:*・゜✦ ⚪︎ ⚫︎ ⚪︎ ✦゜・*:. ✦゜・*:. .゚・*.

Twinkle Town is a place where lovers of fashion and cute things gather from all over the world!

Our story begins when you first move into Twinkle Town!

Spend every day with your Twins in this wonderful new place.

Your Twins love you!

They love spending time with you! They’re so happy you found them!

And just like you, they love fashion!

Use your Twins to express yourself however you want in PKCL Twins!

.*・゚.:*・゜✦.:*・゜✦ ⚪︎ ⚫︎ ⚪︎ ✦゜・*:. ✦゜・*:. .゚・*.

[Dress up]

New items available almost every day! Create unlimited cute looks!

Make your own original Twins!


Your Twins love you! They’re always waiting for you!

Bathe them, put them to bed, and pet them! Take good care of them!


People who love fashion and cute style have gathered from all over the world!

Make friends and enjoy communicating with them!

PKCL Twins is based on the popular “Pokecolo Twin” app which has been downloaded over 4.5 million times in Japan! In this new app, we will be delivering a new world experience for users globally!

Dress your Twins to your heart's content with over 20,000 items! Dress up and use accessories to express your artistic side! Create your own world!

Why is PKCL Twins the app for you?

So many fashion items and interior items to choose from!

Each item is created with the utmost care, each with its own artistic value.

You can dress the Twins and decorate your Fruits Pot to your taste!

You can play as much as you like!

Get new items just by logging in every day!

Recommended to those who...

Like fashion and dressing up!

Like avatar games!

Like dolls and plush toys!

Like miniatures and dioramas!

Like pet-raising apps!

Like editing and taking photos!

Want to make friends!

Want to be part of a new community!

Want someone to talk to!

Are tired of their work and chores!

Want a little bit of fantasy!

Want to fill their free time!

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