Pocket food : merge game

Pocket food : merge game APK

About Pocket food : merge game

Exquisite ingredients, collected bit by bit to create first-class cuisine.

Collect more ingredients, a potato simply cannot be made into delicious food, but the more ingredients you collect, the more advanced ingredients can be exchanged to create better food.

Automatically generate or manually obtain the content of ingredients, drag the ingredients of the same level with your finger to merge to obtain higher-level ingredients, and each time you get new ingredients, you will increase the level and get more synthesis income.

*Casual synthesis games are easily launched, and both relaxation and entertainment are not wrong.

*The theme of the game is clear, you can start the game and get into the game quickly.

*More gourmet materials are waiting for you to obtain, and the upgrades continue.

*The turntable, the gift box contains rich rewards, remember to open it to receive it.

*Game start, get ready to become a synth master!

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