Polysyllable APK

About Polysyllable

Find the words that aren't in all 3 pictures. Unique word game!

Take a close look at the three photos. They have many things in common, but this is not what you are looking for. To solve the puzzle, you need to figure out what objects are in one or two, but not in all three of the pictures.

This word game will need your power of observation and attention to details. For your convenience, the words are split into short parts. Tap these fragments on the round keyboard to put the words back together.


• Hundreds of puzzles.

• You can tap the picture to enlarge it.

• Special keyboard for easy typing.

• Play in English, French, Russian, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.

• New kind of picture word search.

If you like photo and word puzzles, word search and crosswords, then you will enjoy this word game. It could be fun for the entire family! Install this game and give it a try!

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