Posiclist – Fast Bike Fit

Posiclist – Fast Bike Fit APK

About Posiclist

Fit bike positions with the bike fitting cycling app that analyzes your position

Are you a cyclist who wants to know the best biking position?

Get Posiclist and experience fast bike fitting with just 1 photo. Our bike calculator analyzer detects key positions and angles and then gives you the recommended angles. Moreover, our bike fit biking app also detects improper posture, placement, and position issues.


Download this bike fit cycling app and upload a photo of you on the bike. You can also use your camera to take a photo. The bike fast fit elite analyzer detects move points that you can edit and adjust.

Our bike calculator fit app will then instantly analyze the key points, give you your current angles for elbow, shoulder, hip, and knee.


Tap on the recommended angles to see how to achieve better roadie bike positions. The ones in red are the points where you want to improve first. The move points and lines botter you? Tap on the “hide lines” box to remove them.


- upload or take a photo of your road bike/triathlon bike

- auto bike fit points detection & bike angle calculator

- see current and recommended angles

- bike fit for hip, elbow, shoulder, hip, and knee

- adjust or hide the move points

- reset the road bike fitting data

Whether you are a beginner cyclist looking for a cycling power zone calculator, or a more experienced biking aficionado looking to improve posture and position, Policlist is a must.

?Download this bike fit application!

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