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Power Sportz is a trending sports news app for live score & sports news update

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Power Sportz: Live Sports News, Sports Score Appis India’s first Digital Sports Channel to get Live Sports Update from sports journalists, experts, and enthusiasts. You can stream all trending sports news at your fingertips with the Power Sportz: Live Score & Sports News Update App.

Download it now and get access to the numerous sports programs and News Sports Score that also cover interviews of players or sports celebrities. You get the World Sports News and a round-up of the sports event, sports tournaments, and all the News Sports Score related to those!

Highlights of Power Sportz: Live Score & Sports News Update App

Are you looking for the premium features that make this Power Sportz: Trending Sports News App the best among all other Free Sports News Apps to browse Live Sports News?

Below are some incredible features & reasons for using the Power Sportz: World Sports News App!

Talking Turkey with Kanthi

Talking Turkey with Kanthi is the best flagship program and power-packed sports debate show taken over by the Editor-in-Chief Ms. Kanthi D. Suresh.

Facilitating a group of famous sports specialists extending fromformer players, activists, sports journalists, and medal winners, this show uncovers the underbelly of Indian Sports episode after episode.

Power Sportz: Live Score & Sports News Update App is introducing a heap scope of issues that plague Indian sports;

✪Be it impending sports bill

✪An Anomaly in Sports Awards

✪BCCI under RTI

✪Betting Legalization

✪Or the apathy of NSFs towards Athletes

Talking Turkey with Kanti is leaving no stone unturned in bringing each Trending Sports News & Live Sports Update to our viewers & users.

Buzzing Today

Skim through the news ticker on the Power Sportz: Live Sports News Online App and keep yourself abreast of all trending sports news, headlines, events, and making waves throughout the day.

Power Sportz Top 10

We broadcast Live Sports Update twice a day so, the morning bulletin focuses on top 10 stories from the subcontinent, while the evening news program in this Power Sportz: World Sports News App devotes to the news from around the world.

Sports Flash Feature

Sports Flash is the best feature broadcasting in between different programs and encapsulating an entire sports story in six-pointers.

Sports Flash feature of Power Sportz: World Sports News App brings the blizzard information related to current sports scenarios.

So, are you interested in digging into sports trivia, blasts from past, unique stats from numerous sports, and stories like “This day that year”? The sports flash feature of this Live Sports Update App is just for you!!

Streaming News

You can also watch Trending Sports News and News Sports Score from the world of sports, a debate on sportsissues & controversies.

Download Power Sportz: World Sports News, Live Sports Update App now and enjoy the interesting anchor-based show over the phone as our studio guest.

Football 360

Power Sportz: Live Score & Sports News Update App brings a gamut of interesting tidbits from across the world. Enjoy the luscious gossip, rumors, stats, and Live Sports Updateof important matches.

Football 360 feature is simply unbeatable!Just with a single click, you get all the information about World Sports News& even about your favorite footballer!

Let’s Cricket

Get Live Sports Update about cricket! ‘Let’s Cricket’ feature is the loved one for die-hard cricket fans.

Get Live Sports News Online, trivia, inside stories, & scoop revolving around cricket & cricketers.

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