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About PregHello

Hungarian pregnant application for Hungarian pregnant women

We've collected all the important information about baby pregnancy and shared it with pregnant mothers in a transparent, hopefully understandable way. The app calculates the expected time of delivery based on the information you provide, so you can keep track of your weekly pregnancy and your baby's development.

The main functions of the application:


You can find numerical information about your current pregnancy week on the home screen. Here you can find out how many days are left before your baby arrives and how long the tummy tuck can be. You can share this information with one tap to share with your loved ones.

You will also find the Baby / Mama buttons on the home screen, which you can click to see how your baby is developing during the current week and what happens at the same time in your body and soul.

EK WHAT'S THE BABY'S HAND - check it out!

Using a Lyon medical study, we drew the size of your baby's hand. You can also monitor this from week to week by swiping right on the main screen.

? KNOWLEDGE - All info in one place

In the Knowledge Base, we have collected short articles and answers to questions about pregnancy.

You can read about:

✅ Expectant care in Hungary

✅ State aid

✅ Laboratory tests today in Hungary (with test calendar)

✅ Fetal diagnostics today in Hungary (with test calendar)

✅ birth

✅ Meals per trimester (recommended and forbidden foods)

✅ Workout per trimester

Travel ✅

✅ Weight change

✅ Common complaints

✅ Frequently asked questions and answers

The list of topics and articles is constantly expanding. If you would like to read about something, email us at [email protected].

? TO-do list - what you need to get / manage

In the to-do list, you'll find lists of things to get and get things done. From those you have already done, you can tap one of them.

✅ What goes into Mom / Dad / Baby's hospital bag?

✅ What to get before the baby arrives? (for sleeping, feeding, traveling, bathing, etc.)

✅ What hospital examinations do you need to go to? (and when)

Hivatalos What official things do you have to do?


You can check if the food you need can be safely consumed or avoided. This is a very practical part of the application. If you are in a restaurant and you are unsure whether you can eat eg. smoked salmon with steamed vegetables, just type in the search box here, discard the food you want, discard it whether you should eat it or not. (Whispers, smoked salmon is not allowed, so you would have failed, for example.)


Here, PregHellos is given special discounts by the application's collaboration partners.

Additional features:


We are constantly developing the application and expanding the information contained therein.

If you find PregHello useful, we'll be happy to see a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ feedback from you ?

We would also like to thank you for recommending the application to your expectant friends, which you can do via the Settings menu within the application.

If you have any questions or you may find some bugs / misspellings please email us at [email protected]. We will respond to you and we will correct the errors. ?

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