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About Pregnancy Calendar

A simple pregnancy calendar. Easy setup. Notes, hormones, weight.

An app for pregnant women!

You will soon become a mother! Pregnancy is the most amazing time in a woman\'s life. Right now, a variety of questions may arise. This application will help answer some of them.

You will learn all the basic information for the expectant mother: the stages of fetal development, the characteristics of well-being, the schedule for normal weight gain, the norms of hormonal examination. Key features:

- calculation of the estimated date of conception;

- calculation of obstetric and embryonic gestational age;

- indication of important dates for ultrasound and biochemical screenings;

- calculation of the estimated date of birth;

- calculation of the beginning of maternity leave;

- weight gain schedule;

- pregnancy Calendar;

- norms of hormones (hCG, AFP, Estriol, etc.);

- Calculation of nutrition for a pregnant woman.

For basic calculations, you need to know the date of your last menstruation.

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