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Supermarket grocery store and city mall shopping games for preschoolers kids.

Kids Preschool Learning Games for ages 2 - 11 years let your kid enjoy our wide range of fun letter tracing and math learning games. Grocery store games act as fun games for kids & help them learn math using cool math games. SKIDOS provides pre-k preschool learning games for kids 4 -11 years old. Our toddler games for kids let your kids have fun and learn at their own pace with educational games and learning videos for kids.

Fun Mall Shopping Game

This Kid's Preschool learning game is a role-playing game, a toy, & a little helper. It's a fun way to experience endless engaging activities at the Shopping Mall & reinvent 34+ cute, little friends.

With the new updates, kids aged 4, 5, 6, and 7 years can also access the educational videos section within the shopping game. The educational videos section in the game has learning videos for kids that can help in keeping them engaged while learning something from the learning videos. The new update also has letter tracing and alphabet tracing content which can help kindergarten kids in letter tracing or alphabet tracing.

This Kid's learning games has 8 different scenes:

- Restyle your hair

- Watch educational & learning videos for kids in the game

- Play with numbers & counting

- Alphabet and letter tracing content

- Pick out clothes

- Go for ice cream or pizza

- Explore the restaurant

- Go food shopping

SKIDOS Preschool Games for Kids Help your kids expand their creative minds & create some amazing combinations, from crazy hairstyles to high heels, this is an open-ended game.

SKIDOS educational games for kids are designed first as super fun games that children already love playing. Then, we integrate the interactive learning content into them.

Help your kids learn math & coding -

All SKIDOS Preschool Learning Games for Kids turn classroom lessons into fun and interactive challenges.

This updated version added much more playfulness and even more interactive ways for your kids to strengthen their math skills! Our improved math questions are now more visual and dynamic, for a more engaging and fun experience.

Kids love playing games. Why not teach them the logic behind their favorite games? With SKIDOS educational games app for kids, they can get inspired and interested in programming from a young age.

Learning through play -

Kids love mobile games. We love building games. All SKIDOS Preschool Learning Games for Kids are designed as fun engaging kindergarten games and then integrated with interactive learning content.

Customized learning and practice-

Kids have different learning styles. All SKIDOS games for toddlers give children the option to pick their subject (mathematics or coding), grade, and topic, and progress with problem-solving.

Start cracking code and loving math -

All learning content in SKIDOS games is aligned with the national standards for Mathematics and

covers a comprehensive list of topics.

These include number sense, letter & alphabet tracing, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, geometry, and so much more!

For kids who are interested in coding, SKIDOS has developed a unique curriculum that teaches them concepts around basic programming and computational thinking.

All SKIDOS learning games have 20 levels of moving objects, which helps the kids understand the logic of game coding.

All SKIDOS learning games are COPPA and GDPR-compliant and have no third-party advertising.

Subscription info:

- All SKIDOS learning games are free to download & try.

- You can subscribe & get access to all the 20+ learning games for kids using SKIDOS PASS.

- SKIDOS has subscription plans for 6 users. This means that 6 kids of different levels (pre-K, kindergarten, preschool, 1st - 5th grade; 2, 3, 4, 5 - 9-year-old boys & girls) can play fun learning games with a single SKIDOS PASS.

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