Pretend Play in Hospital Life

Pretend Play in Hospital Life APK

About Pretend Play in Hospital

Explore, play & enjoy fun activities in pretend play hospital a fun world game

Pretend play in hospital is an imaginative open ended and role play game where you can discover and enjoy different roles like be a nurse, patient, doctor or other clinic staff members. In this virtual hospital you can manage and arrange a lot stuff, shop snacks, medicine and dress up any character as doctor or patient. Make the best story by self-defining game play in my clinic life. Explore all hospital rooms, medical labs and departments to enjoy creative and entertaining activities. You will enjoy playing all the scenes of pretend games because you can define their story by playing it b your life rules.

In start of hospital there is a reception area where patient can sit and wait. You can interact with vending machine, ATM or aquarium to have fun. Take information from reception or pretend as receptionist. Drink water from water dispenser, interact with tool laptop and many other stuff. Town clinic have MRI, X-ray and ultrasound lab in the hospital where you can perform different medical tests there. Take patients x-ray and ultrasound to treat them with care. Find the problem and place bandage or give medicine to make them feel better. You can interact with printer to get prints of the reports. Cleanup labs mess by dumping the wrappers and trash in the dustbin. Change lab bed sheets and arrange wheel chairs.

Go to the baby nursery room and welcome the newborn babies in this world with care and love. Feed babies, change diapers and play with them before they go home. Further you can change these tiny cuties clothes, give them bath and medical care to keep them healthy and happy in this world.

In physiotherapy room there will be instruments and machines for physical therapy like treadmill test machine, weighing machine, yoga mat and many more. You can entertain in this gym like room by making character workout to test their body limits. Check their weight, BMI and other physical test. Train the characters like gym and make them fit. Like any airport or hotel games this pretend play hospital game contains bundles of daily life activities in this world of wonder and entertainment.


- Big family of characters and dresses to assign a role

- Join as doctor, nurse, patient or just as explorer

- Vast medical labs includes X-ray, MRI and ultrasound lab

- Pharmacy shop for buying first aid and enjoy cash register

- Cute baby kids nursery, toys and adorable activities

- Physiotherapy Room with physical activities tests

- Large reception area with creative tasks

- Best free game with best game play

Now download this pretend game and have amazing time.

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