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Read the music score! Listen to the sound more! Get more music!

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Read the music score! Listen to the sound accurately! I like more music!

Primo is a solfege app that teaches you a few minutes every day and teach you the basics about music.

[How to start using]

★ You will be able to play after the following steps are completed.

Press the button in the center of the screen

Enter "Parental Settings" (Parent's information*)

Input information to "User Settings" (the information of the user who is used)

Subscribe by choosing any amount from "Course selection"

*If you are an adult audience, please enter your information here as well. Any content can be entered.

【About Primo】

◆ Anytime, anywhere, anyone can do! Remove the difference in music education.

This is an app that lets you stretch the power you need without being bound by different restrictions.

There are many benefits to adopting app learning materials in learning music.

-Learning while listening to the sound

-Auto-grading so you can learn on your own

・You can start without having to go to the classroom every day

・Anyone, anywhere, anytime, low cost

And More...

◆ About basic education "Solfege" of music

This app deals with the questions of "Solfege", the basic education in music. Solfege is a basic training that teaches music theory into real sounds and develops the ability to read music. Solfege will cultivate the essential foundations of any field, such as musical instruments, singing, or music composition. However, solfege lessons with guaranteed quality and quantity are rare, and in general, expensive, and until now could only be enjoyed by a few people. That's what we do for you. They will help you expand your real-life music experience with lessons, activities, and more.

◆About the problem creation team

Our problem-creating team is not only specialized in developing music and educational materials, but also is a leading tutor of current instruments and solfege. This elite team stands on their own and develops and updates their materials while watching the students work on them.

[Basic problems]

◆ Reading score

This game fosters the ability to read the musical notes' pitches and note names (Doremi) written on the music score correctly. During the grading time, a sound will be made, so you can check the pitch of each note in the ear with your ear.

◆ First look

Stimulates the ability to play on an instrument while reading the music score. It's played on the on-screen tiles, as specified in the music score. If you have not learned the keyboard instruments, then you will learn the positions of the keys you need to know as the basics.

◆ Rhythm

Train your rhythm skills. It is a form of touching the screen according to the rhythm written in the music score. You can cultivate the ability to play accurately on the beat, and learn comprehensive patterns of rhythm.

◆ Listen to

The aim is to be confident of the audible name of the sound heard (doremi), or its position on the music score. With these powers you will become able to recognize the score from the score and understand how the sound you are playing is at the score. The format of the questions can range from input on keys to placing notes on the music score.

【Special Content】

Deal with the above problems every day and you will enjoy special content!

◆ Music history and appreciation "Opera"

With over 60 biography companions and music performances about 200 pieces they have left, you will learn music history with fun.

Listen to the highlights of masterpieces in a diverse version of a live musician (piano violin cello) playing trio.

◆ Special question "Collection"

This collection is a collection of special questions about composition of techniques and theories.

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