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About Privy

Privy is Indonesia's 1st legally-binding digital signature service provider.

Efficiency is essential for your productivity. Privy provides you an easy and secure way to sign your digital documents. Our digital signature is constructed with asymmetric cryptography and public key infrastructure, ensuring that each signature is a verified identity. As the Subordinate Certification Authority (CA) in Indonesia, Privy is officially acknowledged and approved by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. So you don’t have to worry, any digital documents signed with Privy are admissible as legal documents. Start your productivity with signing, sharing, and managing your digital documents in an integrated platform with Privy.

Key Features

- Integrated Platform

- Account Switcher

- Multiple Document Signing Workflow

- Request a Signature or Review to Others

- Serial & Parallel Signing Sequence

- Progress Overview

- Encrypted Digital Certificate

- Liveness Detection

- Biometric Authentication

- 24/7 Customer Service


- Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information

- TUVRheinland (Management System ISO 27001:2013)


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