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Turn your device into a professional barometer. Share photos

Professional barometer. You will be able to view the atmospheric pressure trend in real time, thus predicting the change in weather. Absolute accuracy through the parallel operation of different sensors, such as device pressure sensor, gps sensor, and remote time connection to weather stations near you.

It proposes a barometer with an analogue dial with the possibility of selecting many different quadrants, available both with all the available measurements (hPa, inHg, mmHg, mbar), you can see in addition to the weather forecast, even the temperature and the percentage of humidity in the air. It is also possible to see the pressure variation in the last 24 hours through a histogram graph, and to see your GPS position through a graphic map.

Very interesting is also the possibility to take a photograph with the weather data superimposed and some effects that can be activated in certain weather conditions and share them with the most famous social networks: facebook, whatsapp, instagram, email etc.

If you want you can also install the widget to always keep an eye on the weather and atmospheric pressure.

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