Project Clean Earth

Project Clean Earth APK

About Project Clean Earth

Help Bernard, humanity's ultimate weapon, purge the mutant-infested earth!

A combination of Roguelike and Hack and Slash (H&S) gameplay.

Retro pixel graphics and gripping apocalyptic world.

Dynamic Sci-fi survival action game.

The earth is contaminated with radiation.

Humanity's ultimate weapon, ‘Bernard,’ comes to earth

to purge the mutants, the only creatures who remain.

Enhance Bernard using dozens of weapons, drones, relic items and various events to

complete the project : Purge the Mutants!

- Strategically combine Ranged, Melee, and AoE weapons and drones

- You will never get bored as random roguelike relics and events will be added every time you play

- Figure out the attack patterns of the diverse, unique mutant monsters and destroy them

- Grow stronger and try out new stages and modes

Purge the mutants now and enjoy the new Roguelite Hack'n Slash game!

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