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About Proton Pass

Free and fully encrypted password manager to keep your login credentials safe.

Now in closed beta for Lifetime & Visionary members, but soon available for anyone for free, Proton Pass is a step above the average password manager. It protects your data by securing your logins and their metadata with end-to-end encryption. You can use Pass on all your devices to create unlimited strong passwords, autofill login details, generate 2FA codes, create email aliases, secure your notes, and more.

Pass was created by the scientists behind Proton Mail, the world's largest encrypted email service. We believe privacy is a human right, hence Pass and other Proton services are available for free.

The Proton ecosystem also includes Proton Drive, Proton VPN, Proton Calendar, and more. Trusted by over 100 million people worldwide, Proton is a Swiss-based company on a mission to build an internet where people come first.

Proton Pass is a step above the average password manager.

Full end-to-end encryption

While many other password managers only encrypt your password, Proton Pass uses end-to-end encryption on all your stored login details (including username, website address, etc.). We ensure your logins stay secure by using a strong bcrypt password hashing implementation (weak PBKDF2 implementations have made other password managers vulnerable).

Open source

We believe in trust through transparency. Proton Pass is open source, so anyone can verify that our encrypted password manager works as we claim. Proton Pass is also routinely audited for privacy and security by independent third-party experts.

With Proton Pass you can:

Store unlimited passwords on unlimited devices: You can create, access, and manage your credentials and secure notes from anywhere with our browser extension, Android, and iOS apps.

Sign in faster with Proton Pass autofill: You no longer need to copy and paste your username and password. Easily and securely log in with Proton Pass autofill technology.

Avoid weak passwords: Easily generate strong, unique, and random passwords based on the security requirements for every website you sign up to.

Create a unique email address for each website: Proton Pass helps you hide your personal email address with email aliases to keep spam out of your inbox and avoid being tracked everywhere.

Make 2FA easy with our built-in authenticator: With Pass’s integrated 2FA authenticator, using 2FA is finally fast and convenient. Easily add a 2FA code for any website and autofill it when you log in.

Easily organize and share your sensitive data with vaults: Manage your logins, secure notes, and email aliases with vaults. In the next version of Pass, you’ll be able to share individual items or an entire vault with your family, friends, or colleagues.

Secure your account with TOTP and/or WebAuthn (FIDO): Make sure you strengthen your account access on your devices.

Get unlimited email forwards: There’s no hidden limit on the number of emails you can have forwarded from your alias to your inbox.

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