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About Puzzle Games:Super DuDu Kids

Baby favorite song cartoon videos,puzzle games are all here, happy companionship

[Puzzle Games: Super Dudu Kids] is an app that is loved by children. Baby favorite nursery song animation videos, children's puzzle games DuDu is all here, accompany the baby to live a happy childhood time. It covers rich theme games such as life simulation, habit development, role -playing, artistic creation, logical puzzle, interesting cognition, etc. Through interesting interaction and animation, help children learn daily knowledge, broadly cognitive vision, exercise thinking ability , Hurry up and download it!

Happy childhood, accompanied by growth!

Feature of product

【Happy Passion for Puzzle Games】

Consciously created by DuDu team, rich parent -child interactive game scenes: role -playing, scenario simulation, cognitive encyclopedia, leisure puzzle, art creation, and various forms. Through different scenes and stories Essence

Here, children can go to the supermarket to shop to feel the fun of shopping; they can learn food dessert production and enrich the cooking skills; they can also go out of the outing for vacation, relax, and be careful not to throw garbage! There is also the cultivation of autonomous ability of daily life to help your baby develop good health habits and become a little pride for parents!

Drawing, painting, color filling, dressing ... Come and draw colorful colors for cute little animals, delicious food, and beautiful flowers! Make their world full of colorful vitality. There are also fun replacement games! Matching dazzling clothing for our cute models became the focus of the audience.

Police, doctors, dentists, rescue teams, takeoffs ... Different role -playing, in the game, a stimulating experience to exchange life!

Be a friend with ancient dinosaurs, sneak into the beautiful and rich underwater world to understand various marine animals, come to farm to experience the day when farmers' uncle, and recognize various farm animals.

Puzzle game series

Driving engineering vehicles emergency rescue, encountering cute dinosaur partners on the way, and police assisting in dealing with cases. There are garbage on the bottom of the sea. We need to clean up in a submarine. , Return to land, choose to go out out of the best time, take the baby's exclusive buses. There are small animals who are sick here. You need to go to the hospital in time! This street is delicious and fun. Let's go shopping together and try the food cake desserts made by ourselves! Late at night, participate in a gorgeous dressing show, with beautiful clothing dress, transform into a sweet and cool little princess, you are the focus of the audience!

【Dance and Painting Interest Training】

Dance and painting interest cultivation, professional child dance teachers, let children easily learn children's song and dance, and can also achieve the purpose of strengthening the body! The rich stick drawing tutorial, a few simple strokes outline a complete graphic framework, and then fill in your favorite color. You can use the patience of children and cultivate children's aesthetic matching ability.

【Song Cartoon Exploration World】

A lot of wonderful children's rhyme animation video resources, enriching the baby's vision and cognitive world. The nursery series produced by the Duoduo team, rich audiovisual experience, Mengwa's unique coax artifact! The animated stars that are loved by many children are gathered here. The cute and cute cartoon image accompany the baby to spend happy childhood!

The DuDu team is committed to stimulating children's creativity, imagination and curiosity with interesting story scenes, and develop design products to follow the child's cognition and behavior habits to help babies better explore this world and grow puzzle! Hope [Puzzle Games: Super Dudu Kids] can get everyone's love!

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