Qalam keyboard-لوحة مفاتيح قلم

Qalam keyboard-لوحة مفاتيح قلم APK

About Qalam keyboard-لوحة مفاتيح قلم

Pen application to help with writing using artificial intelligence techniques to improve writing.

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Having trouble writing text that is free from spelling and grammatical errors? Don't worry, a pen will do the trick. A pen will help you perform multiple tasks consistently and accurately using AI

Qalam’s mission came to be of assistance to you in getting rid of errors in writing Arabic texts. Qalam works as a spelling corrector and language checker. It checks grammar rules, corrects spelling and punctuation errors, and suggests improving drafting when writing in Arabic, in addition to providing an automatic text formation service. Arabic and proofreading of the Qur’anic verses.

Pen tasks:

Checking common mistakes in Arabic writing.

- Correct the errors of hums. - Removing the confusion between the ta' marbouta and the ha'. Correcting the problem between ya and alif al-maqsura. Randomly delete duplicate characters.

Delete random spaces.

Suggesting corrections appropriate to the context. Check for grammatical errors. - Correcting errors and spelling rules.

- Automatic text formation.

- Checking and documenting Quranic verses.

- And many other language assistance services.

What distinguishes the stylus keyboard?

What distinguishes the Qalam keyboard is that it was built using artificial intelligence techniques to help the user discover and correct errors while typing in applications that allow the user to write texts in Arabic. It also improves and develops machine learning models, to provide users with the greatest possible benefit from integrating the Arabic validator with the automated validator.

You can use Qalam services in two ways: 1- The keyboard application Activate the Qalam keyboard and use it when writing, it will be effective to help you with all applications, to ensure that you write correctly and free of errors, and you can be assured of the privacy of your information, because Qalam does not save data from the keyboard. 2- Documents Through the documents within the pen application, you can create your own documents, write in them or copy external texts easily and start proofing them inside these documents, and you can also publish them to any other application.

? ?How to make a pen

Wrong words or suggested improvements are highlighted, and when you press the pen icon, cards will be displayed for correcting suggested words to suit your content. You can also ignore the error by pressing the "Ignore" button, or add it to the personal dictionary by clicking "Add to Dictionary".

• Red color indicates spelling errors.

• Blue color for grammatical errors in the text.

• Yellow for suggestions for wording improvements.

• Violet for lexicon suggestions.

• Gray color to correct punctuation.

To take advantage of the services of formation and documentation of Qur’anic texts, all you have to do is highlight the text you wish to document or form, and then click on the “Tashkeel” or “Tashkeel” option.

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