QualityTime Phone Addiction

QualityTime Phone Addiction APK

About QualityTime

Protect your time from Phone Addiction! Great way to manage your hour!


❗ How much time do you use smartphone a day?

❗ Do you think you're addicted to phone?

❗ Do you want to get tips for a digital diet?

If you answered yes, Qualitytime can help you with your worries.

⭐ Trusted by Over 1,000,000 users to protect their time from phone addiction.

⭐ Analyze and Control mobile usage patterns hourly.

⭐ Take more time with your family, friends, and yourself.

⭐ Easy to use, Variety features.

? Set your time for digital well-being or app detox in 2023!

Key features:

? Daily Mission: Phone Habit Tracker (NEW)

- Set how much time you want to spend on your phone. You’ll manage device & apps usage.

- You also check daily breaktime which help you to focus on your task even more.

- Mission Calendar will show everyday achievement, whether you reach your goal or not.

⏳ Usage Timeline: Easy-to-Use Real Time Report

- Monitor and get real time reports on how much time you spend on your phone and app.

- Scroll and swipe to view timeline activities.

? App Ranking / Statistics: Discover Your Digital Habits

- Check daily and weekly usage summary of your mainly used apps including time spent on each app and number of times accessed.

- Customize and exclude tracking by apps; pause tracking at any time.

- Automatically receive a recap of the previous day’s usage summary every morning (can be disabled).

? Daily Usage Alert: “It’s time for a digital detox!”

- Create device & applications alerts. You can set usage time and screen unlocks.

- Get alert when you exceed your phone usage limit.

- IFTTT (ifttt.com/qualitytime) lets you set personalized alerts with your favorite online services or Internet of Things (IoT).

☕ Breaktime / Scheduled Break: Take Your Personalized Break Time

- Breaktime feature will immediately unplug from your smartphone.

- Also you can make a routine by setting repeating schedules.

- Cool down for 30 seconds after every break time.

- Capture all your missed notifications during Breaks, so you won’t miss anything important.

? Lockscreen : A Smart Reminder

- Daily User Ranking tells your usage ranking to compare with other users. You can challenge yourself to take digital detox.

- Today Total Usage tells you how much time you have saved compared to yesterday.

- Today’s Break Time restricts smartphone use immediately.

If you reduce your phone usage through the Quality time, Please let us Know. This will motivate our team to improve Quality time more effectively. Also you can report any feedback or suggestions to [email protected].

QualityTime is a registered trademark of Mobidays Inc.

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