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Fully exploit the potential of quick settings

If you have some problems to apply tiles, please add every Quick Setting is in the top and then remove tiles you aren't interested in


It does NOT work on Chinese ROMs.

This is NOT app's fault. It doesn't work because THE MANUFACTURER didn't include TileService API. It won't work until that API will be implemented by the MANUFACTURER.

If you have MIUI, you need at least MIUI 10


This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This permission is used only to lock the screen if the user enables this feature. It will never be used for other purposes and always with the maximum freedom of choice from the user.

This application uses the Accessibility API. This permission is required only and exclusively to lock the screen if the user explicitly presses the appropriate button within the app. It will never, ever perform operations outside the explicit request of the user. It will never be used for any other purpose of any kind, and always with the maximum freedom of choice of the user.


Android Police review: http://www.androidpolice.com/2017/01/28/20-apps-use-augments-android-nougats-quick-settings-tiles/

it's one of the easiest to use while still packing a lot of functionality

- Android Police

Other reviews:



More than 53 cool quick settings:

- Dice

- Counter

- Smart Reminder

- Night screen filter

- Weather

- Battery

- Music volume

- Play / Pause

- Volume

- In-Ear Audio

- Ringer mode

- Cast

- App & Shortcuts #1

- App & Shortcuts #2

- App & Shortcuts #3

- Calculator

- Lock Screen

- Contact

- Search

- Storage

- Alarm

- Timer

- Camera

- Advanced reboot

- Caffeine

- Screenshot

- Brightness

- Auto brightness

- Sync


- Screen timeout


- Rotation

- Vibrate for calls

- Cellular data type

- Input method picker

- LineageOS Profiles

- Hotspot

- Immersive mode

- Heads-Up

- Battery saver

- Ambient Display

- Invert colors

- Reading mode

- Position

- Mobile data

- Mono audio


- Adb Over LAN

- Animations

- Notification LED


Enable lots of quick settings, even without root.

On your PC type: adb shell pm grant it.simonesestito.ntiles android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS



Write to [email protected] and will be answered as soon as possible


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