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About Ragnarok X: Next Generation

ROX: The Original Love

Carrying forward the classic masterpiece, authorized by Gravity from South Korea. The Original Love, the all-new version of the 3D MMORPG mobile game Ragnarok X: Next Generation has finally arrived! With retro style, new classes, the Global League, and heavy rewards, this is just the high-quality Ragnarok you have been waiting for!

======Game Features======

◆Explore the next generation with Super Novice

Free job advancement materials come with the best all-rounder in history!

Preserve your original love and recall the very first touching moment!

◆ WOC S3 - Return to the Pinnacle

The Loki Season is about to kick off

Compete in the new season to become the dominator of the server!

◆Global League is underway

Fight for your glory in this cross-border competition

The global qualifying match is about to begin!

◆Cross-Server GVG: compete for the strongest guild

It's time to put your tactic and teamwork to the test!

Come up with the best strategy and lineup to fight for the glory of the Guild!

◆Adventures with adorable pets

The Pet Taming system is available now! Increase their Favor and unlock even more skills!

Embark on a journey with your pet through woods and fields, lakes and rivers, mountains, and the sea!

◆Our story begins with a reunion

Romantic journeys with your loved one are made possible by the marriage system.

Exclusive rewards for cute couples! Spark a Next-Generation relationship in the game!

※This is a F2P game with in-game currency and item purchases. Please make considered purchases and do not exceed your financial wherewithal.

======Contact Us======

Official Website: http://www.ragnarokx.com

FB Fans Group: https://www.facebook.com/RagnarokXNextGeneration

Customer Service: [email protected]

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