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About Rasengan Photo Editor

Rasengan camera are super cool & brings action graphics in your real life images

This is rasengan photo editor.

Take a picture or choose an image from gallery. Add your favourite Rasengan beam from many different with the plus button and touch and drag it to the position of your hand. Multi-touch to resize and rotate it to the right direction.

Attack!! Rasengan!! Defeat your enemies with rasengan and chodori

want to look like 7th Hokage ?

now with rasengan Photo Editor, you can become Hokage

an awful lot like a cool sticker Rasengan, chidori, susanoo, weapon ninja, ninja cosplay, sharingan, hair anime

make yourself as closely as possible with your idol ninja.

Get ready to bring Rasengan effects in your photos with "rasengan photo editor". This very cool app gives you a virtual super power movies experience in real life with your photo gallery. You can make any photo more special with some amazing and unbelievable rasengan effects.

"rasengan photo editor" are super cool and brings action movie graphics in your real life images. This super hero photo booth allows you to bring some very cool and amazing rasengan power effects in your old and boring photos.

Rasengan Camera Photo is the most desirable app in store. This app allows you to add rasengan and mangekyo sharingan to your old and boring photos. You can make your device gallery more interesting and super.

Create great photos with this app,! Add chidori lighting energy, Super energy spiral rasengan, rasen shuriken or dark energy ball. Just drag it to your favourite photos, save and share with your friends and family.

Rasengan Camera Super Powers Features:

★ Rasengan Camera Photo is the best photo editor to add Jutsu Rasengan power effects on photo!

★ Rasengan Camera Photo has over 200 awesome Jutsu Rasengan stickers for your perfect power photo!

★ Rasengan Camera Photo allows you to change your photo to super hero photo with secret Rasengan in your hands.

★ Rasengan Camera Photo will turn you in real ninja on photo!

★ Rasengan Photo Editor Camera is very easy to use and FREE!

★ Rasengan Photo Editor Power Effects are all for FREE!

★ Make the best Jutsu Rasengan selfie in 10 seconds with Jutsu Rasengan Photo montage!

How to use Rasengan Camera App:

★ Open the app Rasengan Hokage Sticker Editor.

★ Choose your favorite photo to be edited.

★ Edit your pictures by adding effects such as sharingan, or rasengan.

★ Add to this the cosplay costumes or weapons ninja.

★ You can remove the effects of sticker by pressing the delete button.

★ Or reverse sticker by pressing the flip button.

★ Preview photo ninja rasengan before save or share.

★ Save your picture by pressing the save button, wait a moment in the gallery of your photos will come out in HD.

★ Be legend Leaf Ninja as Hokage with this app.


★ Open image from gallery

★ Choose your favourite rasengan and chidori

★ Drag it to your photo

★ You can resize and rotate it with multi touch

★ Preview your rasengan with click next button

★ Share your photo to your friends

Rasengan Camera Photo Features:

★ All rasengan and chidori are in high quality (HD) picture, make your ninja photo look real and nice.

★ Upload photo from photo gallery.

★ Real Secret jutsu rasengan Power filters.

★ Save your photo to your Device.

★ Share your cool photo on Facebok, Instagram...

Rasengan Camera Editor is also known as Rasengan Photo Editor, make yourself as closely as possible with your idol ninja.

Insta Jutsu Rasengan Power Camera Become a super hero, manga character, booth your fotos, add stickers and special effects.

Select our Secret Rasengan catalogue and make your choice among various Secret Jutsu Rasengan patterns designs.

Here You can having more variety of Secret Rasengan stickers for your best face photos.

Jutsu Rasengan Photo Editor is the best photo editor to add Jutsu Rasengan power effects on photo!

Have much fun and enjoy rasengan camera Editor, Thank you in advance for your good reviews.

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