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About Real Driving School: Car Games

Learn driving rules through amazing Driving School Car Simulator & Parking Games

Real Driving School is a latest series of car games. This will allow you to drive all top of the range cars through to vintage state of the art cars, to learn basic driving rules in different parts of the world according to their local rules and regulation. Moreover this car driving simulator game also will enhance your driving skills in how to perfectly park your big SUV into tiny car parking spots. Real Car Driving School games has a lot of modes and different styles of gameplay in different environments like open world real city, car parking games and many more. Real engine sounds and amazing weather condition in modern city makes your Car Driving School games experience really unique from all other car simulator games on store.

Different Game Modes:

Car Driving School app allows you to play three different game scenarios to cater your need.

1. Car Driving Rules: Car driving simulator games is set to make you a better driver, follow all traffic rules without violating any traffic signs and traffics lights, on the road and complete levels like a pro driver.

2. Parking Mode: Drive your favourite super car through various obstacles in parking lot and find the perfect spot to park your car forward or reverse.

3. Steering Mode: Steering mode is for pro drivers because handling your car only with steering wheels is not something anyone can do. Steer carefully through tight spots and park in the marked spot to complete the mission.

Two driving modes: Drive a manual transmission with gear shifter stick or select the automatic transmission for beginners to drive more easily, realistic quick responsive controls makes really fun when using either steering wheel, buttons or tilt device for steering.

Realistic city traffic: Roaming freely around the real city is always a challenge and that too when you have to follow all traffic rules and road signs. Explore the open world city keeping in mind the realistic city traffic on road which makes the gaming experience even more fun.

Cars and Customization: New extreme car racing game offers you 10 unique cars, such as super cars, muscle car, and exotic car, show you driving skills and enjoys the luxury of your favourite ride. Detail customization of your favourite car is at your finger tips new paint job, window tenting, wheel rims, and much more.

Real driving school: car games is making sure you enjoy all of the new features of car simulator games and car parking games, and always trying to bring new and exciting features to the games in the future.

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