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About Real Phoenix

Find local news sources and read all news from Phoenix, Arizona, in one place.

Read your news or even blogs in a special Phoenix app. Real Phoenix will always give you the best recommendations for news sources. It is up to you what you add and choose to read. Real Phoenix is not a news station, it does not produce news, but it is a reading tool. Our app is a news feed reader directed at Phoenix area, configured to search the web for reliable local RSS feeds that you may choose to add and read.

You may also enter any website address and the app will try and find if it has a public RSS feed, that you can add.

Real Phoenix offers two reading modes, List mode and Live mode.

In List mode, all sources you add are listed vertically and you may browse news by source.

In Live mode, we will group all news titles from all the recommended feeds that you add and you may read titles as they are published by the sources in one big flow. Even more, the Live mode groups titles by topics.

So, you can read all news and other topics of your interest in one place.

Real Phoenix has a dedicated team that constantly monitors public feeds related to Phoenix area and updates and filters our feed suggestions to offer a civilized and comfortable reading experience. We are also monitoring our Live option solution to keep a good flow of titles mix for your selections.

- No intrusive permissions

- News are fetched fast and in real time

- No downloads in the background, while not in the app

- Options to enlarge or reduce texts in real time

No need for several news apps.

Even though we do not offer news, we have journalists in our group to monitor our news reading apps.

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