Real Piano electronic keyboard

Real Piano electronic keyboard APK

About Real Piano

Learn how to play electronic piano like a pro on your mobile phone.

Get the experience of playing the piano on your phone/tablet, and play the best music anywhere. Excellent for those who are passionate about piano and want to practice easily!

Several piano kits!

There's a variety of piano kits with different sounds, so you'll be able to play any song in one place!

Show what you're capable of!

Make videos of your performance and share them with your friends and on social media!

Still don't know how to play the piano?

Real Piano comes with several lessons with the best of international music, with tutorials designed for those who still don't know how to play. Now you can be a musician! It also comes with multiple loops of various music styles to play along with.

What are you waiting for to become a pianist?

Check out the details in “Real Piano”

- 100 lessons

- Multitouch

- A full keyboard with 88 keys

- Various super realistic instruments

- Studio audio quality

- Instruments like grand piano, electric piano, synthesizer, organ, guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, synthetic bass, strings, French horn, club, harpsichord, toy organ, banjo, accordion, sitar, vibraphone, flute, vocal and sax

- 7 octaves

- recording mode

- Rhythm loops to play along

- Works with all screen resolutions - mobile phones and tablets (HD images)

- Free app

- Supports MIDI

Try and have fun with the piano app from Google Play!

Made for pianists, keyboardists, professional musicians, amateurs or beginners!

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