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Reminder Flex – Alarm & Notify APK

About Reminder Flex - Alarm & Notify

Notification, Alarm & Voice. Remember your Events & To-do in your own way!

Are you looking for a reminder app with alarm and notification that is selectable for each task? Reminder Flex does! And more, this app has voice (text-to-speech) notification!

Reminder Flex app reminds you of your events & todo in advance & repeatedly. So you'll always remember your important events & todos, then get things done on time!

? Reminder Flex app is simple & easy!

This reminder app with the event & todo list is very intuitive. You'll handle this reminder app well right away.

? Alarm, Notification or Voice

This reminder alerts you when time comes. You can select alert type from Alarm, Notification or Voice (Text-to-speech) for each reminder. Voice notification is very useful. It will speak aloud your event & todo. So you can even notice them without checking the screen.

? Repeat

You can repeat the reminder various way such as daily, weekly etc..

E.g. If you need to check your bank balance every month on 20th, set Repeat monthly and it will remind you every month on 20th.

? Snooze (short repeat, nag)

Snooze will repeatedly alert you. You can choose snooze duration such as every 5 min and hourly. Or you can specify duration & repetitive times too. E.g. If you often forget to take medicines, then set Snooze every 15 minutes. Alerts will nag you every 15 minutes to accomplish everyday. Also you can use it as interval notification such as hourly break.

➡️ Notify me in advance

This is the advance notification. E.g. If your friend's birthday is on the 30th, then this notification will alert you "5 days to go" on the 25th. You can use it as a countdown too. So you won't forget to buy gifts every year!

♻️ You can combine Repeat, Snooze & Notify me in advance!

You can repeatedly alarm as you like such as "every hour x 6 times & repeat it daily".

?Done history with Note/Diary

Done page records what you have done. Also you can add Note/Diary. So you can look back at when the last event was & how you dealt with last todo very easily.

? Independent Alarm

Each reminder alarm you can select for Alarm tone, Duration & Volume.

?Voice volume

You can change Text-to-speech speaking volume.

? Alarms make sound even while on silent mode

Turn this on and it will be just like a wake-up alarm app. Also you can set Voice notification to speak aloud even on silent mode either.

↩️ Auto correct end of month repeating

E.g. If you set a reminder on Jan 31 with repeat monthly, next time it will ring on Feb 28, but another time it will ring on Mar 31 properly!

? Manual & Auto Backup to local & Google Drive

So if you change your device, you can restore your reminders on your new device!

☀️ Respond to Daylight saving time & time zone change automatically

E.g. If your country enters summer time, this reminder detects it and reset all alarms. So the reminder will ring on time after entering summer time too.

? Clone function

Clone makes it easy to set another reminder. When you need to set new reminders, then just clone existing one, it's much quicker and easier to set.

? Event & to-do list in colorful chronological order

Easy to check how many days until your events.

?Premium features

- Resizable list widget

Can be 2x1 size. So this to-do list on home screen won't take much space.

- Category with colors & search

Change title and note color & categorize with color! So easy to seek your todo & events on the list!

?This reminder won't disturb with sudden video ads!

Have you ever experienced like E.g. when you are in your office, hospital or train, suddenly video ads with big sound starts unintentionally and you embarrased? Reminder Flex will show video ads only in game page. Also this game page indicates it might sound. Other pages won't start any video ads. So you can check your to-do & events with this reminder app anywhere with ease.

Very simple and easy to use for anyone, yet you can set each reminder very flexibly.

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