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Rename Photos and Videos by date taken. From serial number to date and time.

Rename Photos lets you quickly and easily rename photo and video titles by date taken. Renaming from serial number to date and time of acquisition and vice versa from date and time to serial number.

✔️ No more overwriting photos and videos.

✔️ Time saving, quick and easy to use.

✔️ For internal memory and SD card.

✔️ Reverse photo and video renaming.

It is a great app for everyone. After renaming the files using the Expert format, videos will be placed between photos alphabetically, not separately at the end of the directory.

The app maintains a comprehensive numeric sequence by renaming the files to a serial number according to the date of acquisition of the file, even if a file is deleted or added.

Even after being added from another source, photos and videos are sorted correctly either by date or by serial number.

Switch easily to choose the type of the renaming format:


• photos: img_DATE_TIME.jpg, dsc_SERIAL_NO.jpg

(e.g. IMG_20190615_124530.jpg, DSC_1234.jpg)

• videos: vid_DATE_TIME.mp4, mov_1234.mp4

(e.g. IMG_20190615_124530.mp4, MOV_1234.mp4)


• photos: DATE_TIME.jpg, SERIAL_NO.jpg

(e.g. 2019-06-15_12-45-30.jpg, 001234.jpg)

• videos: DATE_TIME.mp4, SERIAL_NO.mp4

(e.g. 2019-06-15_12-45-30.mp4, 001234.mp4)

• this expert format allows better sorting, because videos will also be placed between

photos alphabetically, not separately at the end of the directory.

Rename your photos and videos quickly and easily with app Rename photos.

Are your photos titled DSC_1234.jpg?

Do you want to prevent your photos and videos from being overwritten while backing up?

Do you want to have a date and time in the title?

Particularly suitable for Sony and HTC phones.

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