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About Rescue Ambulance American 3D

Drive city ambulances on real tracks in the rescue ambulance simulator games.

American Ambulance Games 3D to Take a seat and start your job in a fully modeled and realistic emergency ambulance simulator games, all of which are based on real vehicles. Make your way to an accident site in the open city, without loading screens. The world has Dynamic day and night with different weather effects. The faster you get people to the hospital games, the more money you earn. The way you use the money is up to you, personalize the ambulance or upgrade the life support in it.

American Ambulance Games 3d keep Upgrading the life support keeps the patients stable for longer, giving you more time to get them to the hospital. You can also use the money to purchase different ambulances. There are also a lot of customization options for the Ambulances, including paints and accessories. There are many control options, that you can find in the menu, also different gearbox options.

Have fun and enjoy dreaming of being an ambulance driver all your life? Then it's time to download this ambulance simulation. Our game, which is in the category of offline games with no wifi needed, is completely free. As soon as you receive a notice, get on your ambulance and move towards the scene. It is very important that you arrive at the scene on time. In high traffic roads, you can use your sirens to open the road and ask other drivers.

For those who like to offline games no wifi needed! Are you ready to play the real American Ambulance Games 3D? Immediately respond to incidents that require an emergency. Do your missions as the emergency service.

Game Features of American Ambulance Games

• 7 Ambulances (no wifi)

• Ultra HD graphics (no wifi)

• Offline game

• Interior driving

• Realistic ambulance sirens

American Ambulance Games 3D Our game that first comes to mind when it comes to offline games no wifi needed is one of the best simulation games of 2021. Carry your patients to the hospital on time. Be a true lifesaver. Get ready to play real ambulance simulator with ultra-HD graphics.

You can control your ambulance vehicle with the steering wheel or direction keys. Don't forget to turn on your sirens while going on missions.

Emergency Ambulance simulator city rescue mission is need of highly professional drivers who have real commands of driving ambulances of ambulance rescue games to perform sacred ambulance rescue duty. Enroll you as compact driver in rescue ambulance simulator to polish your internal and external skills to carry out 911 ambulance duty. This 3D ambulance simulator has different types of emergency tasks for player in which he has to deal with a lot of injured people who are in severe need of ambulance accident rescue mission.

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