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About Rewrite Texts

Rewrite Texts helps you improve the quality of your essays.

Rewrite Texts is an excellent application to rewrite any type of text. You can use this text changer to rewrite your essays, assignments, papers, and even emails automatically with less effort.

This Text Rewriter allows you to change words of up to 4000 characters per session.

How to use Rewrite Texts?

To use our text changer, just follow the steps below:

• Type, paste or upload your text in the input field

• Select one of four AI modes

• Click on the “Rewrite” button

• Copy or download the results

Features of Rewrite Texts

Some useful features of this rewrite app are:

File Upload

This application supports the following file formats:




Multiple Modes

Our text rewriter has four rewrite modes. This is how they all work:

• Simple: This mode can change the text by changing words with their best synonyms to rewrite it effectively.

• Medium: This mode can retype text and change words automatically. It changes some words and sentence structure and does not affect the actual intent of the content.

• Creative: This mode makes the text easier to read. Replace sentences with suitable words to make the text a little shorter.

• Clever: In this mode, rewrites given text to make it considerably shorter using words that cover the meaning of entire sentences.

Highlight All Modifications

Rewrite Text app highlights the rewritten text using different colors. It also underlines them so they stand out from the original text.

Save File

This feature allows you to save the retyped text to your mobile's local storage with just one click.

Possible Use Cases of Rewriting Texts

Here are some situations where people can use this app to rewrite their text:

• Essay Writing: Students can use this app to better write their essays. They can use Creative and Smart modes to rewrite their work effectively.

• Emails: Both students and adults can use this text changer to make their emails to colleagues and superiors more eloquent and professional.

• Instruction Manuals: Manufacturers and those in charge of training new employees can use this application to make their instruction manuals easy to read. This can help them avoid causing confusion.

• Blogging/Article Writing: Bloggers and digital magazine writers can use this rewriting application to improve the delivery of their articles.

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