About RICOH らくらくKAIZENサービス

Supports operational efficiency such as on-site status reports

The Raku-Raku KAIZEN service is a tool that uses smart devices to support operational efficiency such as on-site status reports. With this tool, you can easily and quickly save and share photos and registrations taken with your smart device in the cloud. There is no need to import photos or transfer recorded contents, which has been done in the past. It can be used for a variety of tasks, including safety and health patrols.

【terms of use】

1. Customers can install and use this software on their computers only for the purpose of connecting and using our product "RICOH Raku-Raku KAIZEN Service" that supports this software.

2. A separate contract is required to use our product "RICOH Easy KAIZEN Service".

3. Please refer to our website for our product "RICOH Easy KAIZEN Service" compatible with this software.

4. To use the print function, you need to install "RICOH Productive Suite".

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