River Crossing IQ

River Crossing IQ APK

About River Crossing IQ

River Crossing IQ is puzzle game logic improve your brain

You are a true genius! with River Crossing IQ

River Crossing IQ is type of game Test IQ. how many brain teasers can solve.

Improve your brain with River IQ crossing logic test..This is a game very interesting for you. there are many level game logic IQ. each level is a good question.

*** Feature

- Solve each game puzzle by interactive direct with game.

- 2 Chapter for 70 level.

- IQ Test measurement

- you can use hint if you cant tackle.

- share score or ask friend in you social network.

Examples: "Help a family of 5 people move across the river by boat, and the boat is capable of a maximum of 2 people carrying capacity.Time for travelling of each person in turn is 1s, 3s, 6s, 8s and 12s. If two people both go on the boat , the boat will travel at the speed of the slower a person. in 30s please bring the whole family across the river".

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