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About Rizline

Let music be the line that connects the world!

Rhythm connects!

Presenting Pigeon Games' second enchanting music rhythm game, following the success of "Phigros"!

Dive into a mesmerizing journey where points and lines dance in harmony, weaving an extraordinary geometric tapestry set to the innermost beat of your heart!

Game Features:

- Unleash Limitless Freedom

Embrace full-screen track judgement, and feel the pulsating rhythm resonate at your fingertips! Dynamic charts ensure endless musical delight for all!

- Immerse in Serene Rhythm

Discover the unique Riztime design, where emotions and charts ebb and flow with the cadence. Watch your HP and scores soar to the symphony of sound!

- Forge Unbreakable Bonds

The internet brings the world closer, yet distances many people.

With Rizline, our mission is to reconnect and unite the hearts of you, your friends, and everyone.


Twitter: @RizlineGlobal

BiliBili: @律动轨迹Rizline

YouTube: @Rizline

Email: [email protected]

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