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About Robocar Poli Adventures

Play the adventures with the Rescue Team and have fun with more than 20 games.

In Brooms Town every day there’s a new adventure to solve and the Rescue Team is always ready for action. Would you like to take part in the Rescue Team and to complete with them four thrilling adventures?

Prepare to accompany the Robocar Poli Rescue Team and have fun with more than 20 games that you will find in four amazing adventures where you will have to help Poli, Roy, Helly, Amber and Jin.

To solve each adventure, you will have to overcome all the challenges and you will win a cool collection of more than 30 jigsaw puzzles of Robocar Poli.

Learn and have fun with the Brooms Town Rescue Team with amazing games of maths, memory, perception, navigation, sketching, drawing, skill, simulation, programming, psychomotricity, coordination and many more activities such as jigsaw puzzles and arcade games.


In Brooms Town, you must solve four amazing adventures:

Problems with the pipes:

In Brooms Town, a water pipe broke and the road is getting flooded. Help the Rescue Team to solve these situations completing 6 games:

• Connect the wires in Jin’s invention

• Block the water leaks as soon as possible.

• Solve Poli’s maze.

• Work in a team with Micky.

• Help Roy with the hoses.

• Make Bruner as clean as a whistle.

Amber’s letter:

Amber needs a spare part and she needs to send an urgent letter, but you will have to help her solve 5 activities and to deliver in time:

• Rebuild all the Rescue Team members piece by piece.

• Help Amber write her letter.

• Solve the additions to help Poli reach his destination in time.

• Help Roy gather all the letters.

• Guide Helly to the harbor avoiding all the obstacles.

Tune-up day:

Today it’s tune-up day in Brooms Town and the Rescue Team has decided to paint their headquarters, but they will need your help to clean all the stains:

• Help Jin mix all the colors of paint.

• Paint the vehicles of Brooms Town.

• Guide Poli to the paint shop.

• Complete the shopping list with Roy.

• Help the Rescue Team tide up the workshop.

The Big Storm:

There has been a big storm in Brooms Town, with thunder and lightning which caused a fire.

• Help Poli order Brooms Town’s citizen cards.

• Find the GPS coordinates that Helly needs.

• Order the images of Brooms Town.

• Help Roy put the fires out.

• Count sheep with Amber to help her fall asleep.

Complete these four adventures and collect the jigsaw puzzles of Robocar Poli with hours of fun and learning.


• Interactive learning and educational game for children from 3 to 8 years old.

• All activities contain explanations and visual support.

• It encourages learning through a system of rewards such as jigsaw puzzles.

• It fosters self-learning.

• App approved and supervised by specialists in pre-school education.

• Parental control.

• Available in 8 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese and Korean.

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