RPG ロマンシング・サガ・リ・ユニバース

RPG ロマンシング・サガ・リ・ユニバース APK

About RPG ロマンシング・サガ・リ・ユニバース

A fantasy RPG with attractive pixel art

Masterpiece RPG "Romasaga" appeared in the app! Enjoy a fantasy RPG game with attractive pixel art!

Cooperative play with friends with the addition of online elements! Defeat a formidable enemy in a hot battle!


Set 300 years after Romancing Saga 3

The world that eight heroes once saved.

The stage is from the fortress city Vanguard 300 years later

An original story to begin with.

What is the memory of "Sarah" who disappeared from the heroes?

Now the adventure begins again.

RPG game system unique to Romance Saga

A new story not limited to romance saga, featuring all the characters of successive saga series


Not only the songs of the saga of the past series

This time, there are many new songs by Kenji Ito who was newly raised ♪

Various characters drawn with refined, nostalgic dot graphics

"Formation" "Inspiration" "Collaboration" and "Technique" "Technology"

In addition to familiar elements such as "OverDrive" added this time

A new RPG battle that is easy to play, but requires deep strategy against strong enemies

"Style" system that allows you to develop your favorite characters

"Expedition" and "Training" that can strengthen the character even when there is no time

"Inherited skills and techniques" to grow into your own character

◆Recommended for people like this

・ I want to play a nostalgic pixel art RPG

・ I'm looking for a pixel art RPG that I used to play in the past.

・I like pixel art, so I'm looking for an RPG where I can enjoy battles using dot characters.

・ I want to play a dot RPG where you can enjoy strategic battles

・Anyway, I like role-playing games

・ I want to play role-playing games using my head

・ I'm looking for an RPG with attractive pixel art characters

・I want to play games with online elements

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・I like dot RPGs with a strategic battle system

・Prefers cooperative battles

・ I like real-time battles

・ I want to challenge a strong enemy in a cooperative battle with guild members

・I like online RPGs with strategic battle elements

・ I want to play an online PRG that can be enjoyed in cooperative play rather than a dot RPG that battles with friends

【Operating environment】

OS: Android 5.1 or higher

Built-in memory (RAM): 2 GB or more *The memory capacity is not required.

For details, please check the website below.


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