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About Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

Official Saint Seiya Idle RPG, Authorized by Masami Kurumada. Burn your Cosmo!

The Eclipse Vanishes Soon, Rise of the Underworld: Hades Chapter Begins!

Saint Seiya brand new Action Idle RPG, "Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice" brand new version is released!

Rise of the Underworld, Feel Hades wrath! Uncover the Dark Secrets, battle with the Specter, defeat Hades, and save the goddess Athena!

Journey to the Realm of Underworld, Hades Chapter Rises

Immerse yourself in the intricate, mysterious, and dangerous Underworld, as you battle many Specters and face the mighty Hades. Engage in epic battles, and experience a storyline that is both deeply immersive and profoundly moving.

Embark on an Epic Journey of Saint Seiya

Embark on the epic journey to the realm of the Underworld that transcends time and space, myth and reality, courage and despair with Seiya, Shiryu, Ikki, Hyoga and Shun.

Choose your Knight, Unleash the Unrivaled Might of the Divine God Cloth

12 Gold Saints, General Marinas, Specter, is ready to unleash their cosmo, Feel the next level of relic power by upgrading the Divine God Cloth for the strongest Saints

Uncover the Majestic Sanctuary, Burn your Cosmo!

Join us in this thrilling odyssey! Uncover the majestic Sanctuary's secrets, ignite your Cosmo, and etch your name among the stars. Your epic journey awaits!

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