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Play as Sakura high school girl & perform pranks on teacher in adventurous game

Sakura Anime High School Girl Life Fun Simulator Game 3D is here to swing your sad mood into happy. Let's play this amazing high school simulator and perform some daily life routine household and school life tasks in sakura anime school girl life simulator. Make Fun as a Sakura anime girl in sakura haruno & yandere high school system games.

High school girl is a virtual family girl and have siblings like anime sisters yumi and yandere. High school simulator is the one of finest school games on android play store which is always trending in adventure and lifestyle category at top. Virtual anime super dad simulator is also a good high school simulator game with the virtual family. Anime school japanese simulator girl has to do a lot of difficult tasks in school sim. Perform scary different pranks on teachers and start love story with your boyfriend. Date boyfriend and be a loyal anime virtual sakura girlfriend and make love in love stories. Anime high school love story is an epic school love game. Sakura is anime school girl and she wakes up in the morning and get down the stairs and makes breakfast in the kitchen and wait for bus to go to school. Yumi and yandere also get ready for high school and get in the bus and reach school on time and meet your anime high school virtual sakura friends in open-world crime gangster anime girl game and have fun. Take some challenges in school life. Enjoy school life to remember your best days to explore the fun and adventure.

In this Sakura Japanese Anime High School Girl 3D, you don’t have any friend in new high school and you have to make friends. Yumi would be your first friend on first day school. You have played a lot of high school games but after playing this game you will forget other high school anime games offline 3d. You saw a decent boy for first time and you really liked him and he's your anime boy crush now. But you are unable to express your feelings with the Jim. In this Anime High School Girls game- Yandere School Simulator, you have been informed that a Singing competition will be held on next week in virtual Anime High School. Go & inform your classmates about this Competition and persuade them to contribute in it & win the Singing competition of Sakura High school Simulator. Never try to cheat in the exam otherwise your school teacher will catch you. Now there are the kung fu fights with your rival bad girl of the class so enjoy the fun of fighting by winning the fights in this high school girls yandere anime games 3d. Now love mission is really interesting and full of lovely naughty school girl’s fun in this anime simulator school games.

Sakura go for lunch and started teasing you and it becomes a fight and then it's a huge fight between two groups, one is your anime girl Yandere gangster and the second one is the sakura crime gangster who tried to tease you and bully you, but you stood against them and showed them the real Sakura girl power and anime face of yours. So, stand still on your feet and take revenge on them for what they're doing. Now you're being informed that there is going to be a small quiz in the next class and you as a naughty and fighter anime yandere girl decided to cancel the quiz, but the only solution to this is to hide the exams somewhere. You have to find a way to escape from the class, go into the teacher’s room and hide the paper. In Sakura Anime High School Girl Life - Yumi Simulator, amazing level along with school life days tasks on sizzling high-quality 4K graphics that will give you adventurous so much unlimited fun. Take adventurous fun as a Sakura anime school girl and accept the all-difficult challenging tasks of school life days. you will enjoy school life.

Sakura Anime High School Girl Life Fun Simulator 3D Game Offline

Amazing High School Environment with Open-World Simulator

Yandere, Yumi and Sakura Anime Girls Characters in Game

Perform Daily Routine Tasks in High School & Have Fun.

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