Samurai Blade Yokai Hunting

Samurai Blade Yokai Hunting APK

About Samurai Blade

Oriental Collective Action RPG

Become a hero of the legend following the journey of destiny with lovely girls,

Oriental Collective Action RPG Game Samurai Blade!

'Sengoku Period of Japan when Yokai and Human coexisted,

there was a hero who protected the Marble from Yokai, the treasure of the village.

However, with mysterious incident, the Marble was taken and all the tribe got killed...

❖ Game Introduction ❖

▶ Let's Experience together-Samu!

- We invite you to the Cruel and Beautiful Story, the journey of revenge.

▶ Let's Chop them-Samu!

- Continuous Contents including Adventure, Raid, Duel, PVP!

- Through them, grow your heroic Warrior, defeat Yokai and get the victory!

▶ Let's Build the strategy-Samu!

- NO more boring formation! Diverse Attributes of heroic Warriors such as Defense, Attack, Debuff

and strategic line positioning make your battle interesting!

- Live Battle with speed, show your own play using proper skills!

▶ Let's Gather fabulous characters-Samu!

- Collect and grow the 46 types of heroic Warriors and lovely girls!

- The voice of Warrior makes it more realistic!

▶ Let's Enjoy the fancy graphic-Samu!

- Animation Background based on Japanese Sengoku period!

- Eye candy Skill Effect!

▶ Let's Play it easy-Samu!

- Intuitive Interface

- Have fun in quick action! Easy grow, easy play!

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