Scary Bear rap in Horror music

Scary Bear rap in Horror music APK

About Scary Bear rap in Horror music

Play horror and Funkin music battle vs Zardy and scary bear

Please, Don't ignore this music game if you do love horror things like scary machine bear on Friday. You will have a lot of chances to sing with Fredy bear or FNF Zardy tonight in this funkin game.


You just need to tap the arrow when they perfectly match to get the highest score as much as you can to become the best celebrity of this horror funkin music show.

Feel Funkin rhythms! Dance with cg5 songs! Rock the beat!


Play offline anywhere

Full 7 weeks full mod

Horror rhythms follow your fingertips

Over 5 mods: Whitty, Shaggy, Garcello, Huggy...

Update new things frequently!

Enjoy this Halloween music party!

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