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Scooper brings you the trending and breaking news. Download Scooper to explore up-to-date news, funny videos and more features. Create and share your photos, stories and videos to build personal connection with your fans. Explore your community where you can share everything from your daily moments to highlights of your life and make your voice unique.


Personalized News Feed:

Scooper picks trending and breaking news for you, elaborately. It customizes your favourites according to your choices and interests.

Videos, Entertainment and More:

You've found the right place! Scooper scouts for rich videos and GIF contents from great sources as well as YouTube channels.

Professional Generated Content (PGC):

Scooper's contents are created and sourced directly from authoritative local content providers and news agencies. On Scooper, you will certainly find authentic stories, well written articles and breaking news.

Low Storage:

Scooper uses only a small storage space on your mobile device. For each update, you are not at risk of overloading your phone storage. It is "being lightweight" that many people find most interesting about Scooper.

Speed of Update:

You will find this handy when looking for news stories and fun videos that you can view/access on the go. Scooper refreshes news in a flash! For each time you click 'home', updates slide in within split seconds.

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