Seçim Oyunu 2023

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About Seçim Oyunu 2023

Create your own election destiny!

Get ready for the most exciting election game yet! Choose your favorite party or create your own custom party with your own character. Travel across Turkey to attend rallies and events, and make appearances on TV to attract voters and gain their support.

Election Game 2023 features stunning 3D graphics and unique game mechanics that let you race ahead of the other cars on the campaign trail, leaving your rivals behind. You can speed through traffic in your election bus, pass other vehicles without crashing, and overtake rival buses to earn the highest score possible. Your score increases as you successfully pass cars without colliding with them. When you enter a head-to-head mode with a rival bus, quickly press the button to gain extra points.

With 10 different parties to choose from, each with their own vehicle options, music, and skins, you can customize your experience and challenge yourself with 5 different difficulty levels based on the population of the cities.

Election Game 2023 offers 7 exciting game modes, including racing in traffic, tap-tap with rivals, attention game at rallies, answering questions on TV, penalty shots, bill proposal, and congress. You can also develop your party center and decorate your office, strengthen your convoy in the garage, and protect your party's unique convoy with different bus designs and music, as well as support from police vehicles.

To win the election, you must establish city centers, develop your party center, and hold rallies in all cities to attract more attention and gain more votes. Going on TV increases your score in all cities, and answering questions faster and correctly on TV increases your score even more. However, not holding rallies in some cities can reduce your votes on election day.

Election Game 2023 supports Turkish language, and you can control your vehicle in race mode using motion sensors, steering, or touch controls. You can also quickly and repeatedly press the "Yes" button in head-to-head mode with a rival bus, memorize the graphics scrolling on the prompter and repeat them in rally mode, quickly answer reporters' questions correctly in TV mode, and quickly click to read the text and defend your podium against those who want to stop you in the bill proposal mode.

Download Election Game 2023 now and create your own election adventure. Don't forget to rate and review the game on the Google Play to contribute to its development!

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