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About Sencrop

The local weather for farmers: weather forecasts, rain radar, live weather data

A single app for local weather data, for farmers. With Sencrop, enjoy the most accurate fleet of local weather stations (30.000 across Europe). Forecasts, rain radar, alerts and many other features!

✓ Anticipate climatic hazards

✓ Plan your agricultural works

✓ Manage diseases and pests

✓ Control your irrigation


• Reliable local weather forecasts: choose the most accurate forecast model for your locality (from 1 hour to 7 days). Including forecasts from Met office, BBC...

• Rain radar: animation of rain, snow and hail for the next and previous 3 hours

• Real-time local weather reports: data updated every 15min. Rain, temperature (dry and wet), humidity, wind (speed, gust and direction). And also dew point, humidity rate and solar irradiance (for irrigation)

• Alerts: frost, treatment, leaching, etc. Activate an SMS, email or phone call alert and be warned as soon as the conditions are reached, to act at the best time

• Cumulative data: cumulative rainfall, growing degree days or cold hours

• History and traceability of data: follow and compare the data of your plots over the seasons. Export to Excel or CSV files.

• 4-day frost forecast: ideal for wine growers or arborists


• Crop risk indicators: local frost forecast, disease or pest risks, growth stages, etc. These risks are displayed according to your crop type.

• DST connection: connect easily to many agronomic Decision Support Tools, partners of Sencrop. Link your local data to Hutton Criteria, Xarvio, Movida, Rimpro...


• Simplified visualisation of evapotranspiration

• Access to 10 water balances, from the same local weather stations


Our mission? To help farmers make better decisions on a daily basis, based on local weather, for more comfort, better yields and a controlled environmental impact. Sowing, frost control, treatments, irrigation, campaign analysis...

Our local weather app is free for 14 days, then several subscription plans give access to different features according to your needs.

Choose your subscription and access the closest weather data from your fields. Contact us for more information: +447723 580941

For more precision, ask for your own local weather stations, to be installed in your plots.

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